90 Day Water Challenge

How many time have we all said, I’m going to lose weight, or I’m going to fit into those pre-pregnancy clothes, or even I’m going to go running every day??

Unless you’re one of those people like my husband who has trouble gaining weight (and in that case, I hate you a little, but will try to understand that you have issues, too), we’ve all said things like this. And sometimes, we even actually do it (gold star for us!). Most of the time, however, real life kicks in and we find it hard to make such big drastic changes to affect a noticeable difference in our physical appearance and/or health. Who has time to get up earlier than we already do to go running? And giving up carbs, sugar and fun all at the same time sounds like the worst.

I’ve been reading Rachel Hollis’ book Girl Wash Your Face, and in it,¬†she mentions a challenge that I think is totally doable. It’s something on which you can build. It’s EASY. And if you can do this for 90 days, it will be a habit–a part of your life–and you will feel ready to start a new and even more difficult challenge (like running every day, if that is your thing).

I personally have made this one of my goals for the last month. And guess what people? By simply doing this one easy thing and climbing a bunch of flights of stairs (seriously, my office is on the third floor of a building with no lifts. I walk up and down those stairs a million times a day), I’ve lost nearly 2 kilos in the last 30 days. Now, weight loss is NOT my ultimate goal (I mean, heck yeah!) but, really, health is what I’m striving for. I want to live a long, healthy active life, to the best of my ability. I want to crawl around on the floor with my babies and my grand babies and my great grand babies, so now is the time to set up healthy habits for myself–and for them!

Okay, Ariel, get to the point! What’s the challenge!?! Well my friends, it’s easy.

What is your weight in pounds? Divide that in half. That is how many ounces of water you should aim to drink every day. For example, say you weigh 140 pounds (I will translate this into kilos and milliliters for my European friends! — 63.5 kilos). Divide that number in half to find the ounces you should drink – 70 ounces (2070 milliliters) every single day.

At first, it feels like A LOT. But it gets better. One month in, and it doesn’t feel abnormal at all. In fact, I find that when I don’t drink that much, I start to feel dehydrated! Instead of snacking, drink water first. Instead of drinking another cup of coffee, drink water first. Instead of a soda or tea or whatever it is, drink water first. It makes a huge difference.

There are 90 days left until the end of the year. Let’s make them count. Even if you’re overworked, exhausted, stretched thin–this is something you can do!! You can be successful in this! Who is with me?!?

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