A Mermaid Party!

Friends, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve got a Pinterest problem. I love it. I pin like crazy. I aspire to create pinterest parties for everyone around me. Even for those who hate parties. Sorry not sorry.

So in celebration of the lovely and the happy moments of life, here’s a flashback to last July when one of my besties and I threw a mermaid party for Little #2’s second birthday! Enjoy!!

Also, Little #3 has a birthday coming up…do you have a great idea for a theme!?! Comment below with your ideas and get a shout out on the blog!


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One comment on “A Mermaid Party!”

  1. Her party was so cute! Hmmm. For the little guy, winter one -der land, vintage race cars, little lumberjack ( you could eat pancakes instead of cake ), a fiesta with a taco bar and piƱata. Noe is having a Luau swim party . Does he have any favorite things yet?

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