About Me

Hi! I’m Ariel. I’m 33-ish. I’m a wife and mom to three ridiculously beautiful children (Yes, I know all moms say that, but I’m actually telling the truth. I wish I was as beautiful as they are.) I’m an American Expat living in the Lisbon area of Portugal and have been here for over 9 (crazy) years.

I love to read, to feed my family yummy but healthy comfort foods, to organize myself and others (albeit, sometimes against their will),  and to spend time with my super hot husband and our amazing kiddos. I also usually love my dog, Olive, who we literally adopted from a mental hospital (which really ought to have tipped us off that she’d be a handful).

You can find me planted in front of The Crown or Downton Abbey any day. I’m also a huge fan of Gilmore Girls (Minus the revival. Really Amy Palladino? Years of waiting, and that’s what we get?!?) and the Office. That’s right folks, I spend more time binge watching Netflix than I do watching current TV shows—and I know there are others just like me out there, too. Someday, I aspire to be Nancy Drew.

I love Jesus and do my best to make him proud. I also love Jen Hatmaker and Mindy Kahling, and think it’d be really cool to have dinner with both of them together (Jen would cook, of course). It’s a major goal of mine to finally master the Portuguese language and to actually like the way fish tastes. I hope to someday appear as perfect and as effortless as Kate Middleton, but recognize that I don’t have a team of people doing my hair every morning (and honestly, if a shower is all I get, it’s a good day).

I love to write, to share truth, and to share life. This is my attempt at doing all those things together.